Hot topic of the week: Woman loses it big time -- spewing vulgarities and whacking staff at Tiong Bahru store

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A woman lost her temper and started shouting and hitting staff at an OWNDAYS store in Tiong Bahru Plaza on Apr 3.

A video of the incident was posted onto Facebook by user James Abeyratne today (Apr 4) at 5.30pm.

In the video, the woman flares up at the store's staff for taking videos of her.

She then tells them that she's "had enough already" while she hits them.

At the 0:23 mark, her bracelet is flung off her wrist while hitting one of the girls.

She then demands the girls to "go and find" her bracelet and even physically pulls one girl by her jacket.

The whole time, she calls the girls "bloody idiots" and continues to hurl vulgarities at them.

It is unclear what triggered her anger but she is heard saying "stop hitting me in the neighbourhood" to the girls.

In the video, the girls never retaliate to the woman's blows.

The girl filming the incident tells a security guard that she doesn't know the woman and that "she just started hitting people for no reason".

She then threatens them to call the police, 'black cats' and MP (Minister of Parliament).

Even when passers-by intervened, she did not calm down and continued to shout at the girls and even attempted to hit them again

One passer-by managed to get her to sit by the end of the video and told the girls to call their management and close the shop.

A police spokesperson provided Stomp with the following statement:

"On 3 April 2017 at 9.57pm, the police were alerted to an incident at Tiong Bahru Plaza. 

"A 45-year-old woman was arrested in relation to the case. 

"Police investigations are ongoing."

Watch the video below.