Mystery figure splashes acid on woman’s car at Jurong West St 42

It’s the eve of Chinese New Year and you plan to drive over to the shopping mall nearby to get some last minute supplies before all the stores close for the long weekend.

You walk up to your car, shocked at the sight in front of you.

There is a big splatter of liquid on the window of your car, and you then realise that someone has splashed acid all over it -- resulting in the horrible damage.

A Stomper is currently appealing for eyewitnesses with regards to the incident that took place on Saturday (Jan 28) at around 1am.

Said the Stomper:

“If you watch the video from our vehicle’s dashboard camera, you can clearly see someone splashing the acid.

"My car was parked at the car park of my estate, Block 546 Jurong West Street 42.

“And I really have no clue who it is.

“I have made a police report and am currently appealing for eyewitnesses.”

Who could have done such a horrible thing and that too on the EVE of Chinese New Year?

If you have any information, photos or videos about this incident, please contact Stomp via email ( or WhatsApp (9384 3761).