Why local DJs Glenn Ong and Jean Danker put off wedding for 5 years after getting engaged

Jul 20, 2016

After five years of being engaged, ONE FM's DJ Glenn Ong and his fiancee Jean Danker will finally be walking down the aisle in December.

Ong, 45, and Danker, 37, confirmed the news on July 19. They have been dating for seven years.

According to Today, the couple has already started planning their wedding although the date and venue are not confirmed.

They are reportedly looking to have an outdoor solemnisation ceremony in Sentosa, followed by a reception in a ballroom with no more than 30 tables.

Ong had proposed to Danker, who is also a radio DJ, five years ago but she was soon met with the death of her mother.

After that, she said it was difficult for her to plan a wedding as she was still grieving. Furthermore, she had been focused on her career and didn't see the need to get married yet.

When she told Ong she wanted to get married, he was also ready to take the next step with her.

AsiaOne contacted Ong on Wednesday, and an elated Glenn Ong said he had been waiting a long time for this day to come. He was so excited that he hired a wedding planner as soon as Danker told him she was ready.

While there are just five months left for them to plan a wedding, he is determined to give his future wife the wedding of her dreams.

He said via WhatsApp: "It feels awesome that she feels ready for this after making me wait five years. I love spoiling my woman, so whatever Jean wants, Jean will get! It's gonna be a cool wedding! And she's gonna look stunningly sexy!"

The groom-to-be is obviously still head over heels in love after seven years of courtship, and says that he and Danker are so similar that they can "read each other's minds". He even jokes that this helps "so she knows when I (want to) get in her pants!"

Today quoted Danker as saying: "I think it had to feel right for me and Glenn. It had to be at a correct time. It was just a feeling, to be really honest."

She added that she wanted him to be "absolutely sure".

"I want this one to stick, you know what I mean," she was quoted as saying.

As for honeymoon plans, Ong seems keen on a trip to Switzerland but admits that planning the wedding is his main focus for now. "I think we'll just stay at the hotel's villa for a few days after the wedding and just cosy up!" he said.

This will be Ong's third marriage. His first marriage to Kate Reyes in 1999 lasted less than two years, and they announced their separation in 2001. In 2004, he married Jamie Yeo but in 2009, they announced they had parted ways.