Who needs flowers when you can buy V-day vegetable bouquets online?

Flower bouquets are so last year. With Valentine’s Day approaching soon, those who are looking for unusual gifts for their significant others can consider getting vegetable bouquets instead.

One innovative grocer, Ah Seng, has brought his goods out of the wet market and online, in the form of a Carousell account where he is selling specially designed vegetable bouquets just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Currently, he has four bouquets listed: ABC Soup in a Bouquet, Love Like Mushroom Deep Deep, Together Forever Long Long Time, Bro-colli-U.

What makes these bouquets special is their freshness and practicality - after gifting them to your loved one, you can cook them in your next meal! Who needs to go out for a Valentine’s meal when you can prepare it together?

Each bouquet is designed differently, but all of them are sure to keep both you and your date healthy and happy this Valentine’s Day.

Check out the bouquets available for sale in the gallery above.