When you buy curry for dinner from VivoCity food court -- and it comes with 'extra ingredient'

Submitted by Stomper Shannon

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Stomper Shannon was left dismayed after finding more than he bargained for in a box of curry that he had taken away from a stall at VivoCity's food court.

The incident took place last night (Nov 27) at around 8pm to 9pm.

Shannon found the foreign object in his food and upon washing it, he discovered that it was a piece of wood.

The Stomper told Stomp in a Facebook message as well as over the phone:

"This was bought from Kopitiam at VivoCity and costs $7.50.

"I washed the object and it was one whole piece of wood, seemingly from a handle."

Shannon said that he did not manage to tell the stall's staff about the incident as the food was a takeaway.