What's wrong with these people? Yet another person spotted doing his business in public

Another man has been spotted relieving himself in public today (Aug 22), this time on a field near Jurong East MRT Station.

Stompers hirwalshah and zaki had been passing by the area and saw the man in the act.

Zaki told Stomp:

"I was on my way to meet my friend and suddenly saw this Chinese male doing his business on the field near Jurong East MRT Station."

This is the second report Stomp has received of people answering the call of nature in public today.

Earlier, Stomper Navin saw a man doing both a number one and a number two in Chinatown, despite the presence of passers-by.

Just last week, a woman made headlines and became a viral talking point after she was spotted relieving herself in public at Holland Village MRT Station.