What's he doing? Is this uncle in Sembawang coffeeshop 'recycling' ice-lemon tea?

A diner at a coffeeshop in Sembawang recently posted a video showing a drinks-stall staff member allegedly 'recycling' ice-lemon tea for customers' consumption.

The video was posted on All Singapore Stuff and credited to Ang Ahcheng, and has become a talking point among netizens in Singapore.

The clip shows the uncle walking near the large bins outside the coffeeshop.

He can be seen pouring the liquid from on cup into another.

He repeats this action a few times before walking over to customers, with some cups of drinks in hand.

The video shows him serving these drinks to the unsuspecting consumers.

The video's caption on All Singapore, credited to Ang, states that the uncle was supposedly pouring the leftover ice-lemon tea from previous cutomers into new cups, which were then allegedly sold to other diners.