What makes these luxury car drivers think they can park on yellow zigzag line near Shaw Centre?

Stomper honda_biker saw three luxury cars illegally parked on a road marked with a yellow zigzag line yesterday evening (Aug 5), near a restaurant behind Shaw House and Centre.

Roads marked with a single yellow zigzag line, such as the one seen in these photos, means that parking is not allowed at all times on this side of the road, as well as on the public footpath adjacent to the road.

Pictures contributed by the Stomper show at least one Lamborghini and one Ferrari parked on the restricted area.

Said the Stomper:

"How come they are allowed to park their cars on the yellow zigzag line while they have their dinner at high-class restaurants? Because they are VERY expensive cars?"

"Didn't see the drivers but there's a valet service for guests of a Lebanese restaurant there, as seen in the picture, and I assume they are inside eating."