What is this? Surely $4.20 herbal chicken soup doesn't look like that

Submitted by Stomper Ping

Imagine looking forward to some warm herbal chicken soup for lunch on a lazy rainy day only to realise that the soup you paid $4.20 for only came with one chicken wing and nothing else inside.

Oh and best of all, it comes with only half a bowl of soup.


At around 1pm on Friday (Dec 23), Stomper Ping sent her son to help her get some herbal chicken soup from a stall named 'Wang Wang' at Blk 156 Yishun St 11.

When he came back home, she wa horrified to see that there was only one chicken wing in the half a bowl of soup, and a packet of rice.

Said the Stomper:

"It felt like someone finished up my soup and sold it to me at $4.20! What is this!?

"My husband was really pissed off so he brought the soup back to the store, and the owner even insisted that it was indeed HERBAL CHICKEN SOUP.

"She had a bad interview and she even insulted my husband, but she had no choice but to refund him the money.

"We later purchased black chicken herbal soup from the store next to hers at $5.20, but with quarter chicken and loads of herbs in it.

"Upon seeing this, the Wang Wang store owner shouted across the stall to complain about my husband.

"The thing here is not about the money, but more on how she is running the business."

What do you guys think of this situation?