What are they thinking? One boy hangs on 2nd-story ledge, another 2 take selfie on walkway roof

Submitted by Stomper Byron, Hyrul

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Do youth nowadays even care about their lives?

Two incidents involving youths acting irresponsibly has been witnessed by Stomper Byron and Stomper Hyrul.

Stomper Byron saw a boy hanging on the second-storey ledge at Saint George Lane Block 3.

According to Byron, the boy walking on the ledge does it regularly and he was also hurling vulgarities.

Byron said, "I was shocked! His friends told me that he was always playing with dangerous things such as blades, pen knives, glasses and other sharp objects."

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Another incident occurred yesterday, at around 4-5pm, at Block 323 Ang Mo Kio Avenue, Stomper Hyrul noticed school boys taking selfies on top of a multi-storey carpark.

Hyrul said, "They think taking selfies on top of multi-storey carpark is a cool trend. They weren't aware of their safety."