Webcam model in China jailed 4 years and fined $20,000 for broadcasting 'obscene' videos online

A 21-year-old webcam model in China was sentenced to four years in prison and fined 100,000 Yuan (S$20,642) for appearing in several videos that have been described as 'obscene'.

According to Shanghaiist, authorities began tracking the activities of the woman after the one of her videos went viral online.

She was quickly identified as a webcam host who goes by the moniker 'Sydney Gun' or 'Xue Liqiang'.

The 21-year-old was part of a syndicate that owns 31 'obscene' videos.

She was arrested on May 4 after returning to China from Dubai. 

Prior to her arrest, she had 40,000 followers across several live-streaming platforms had earned more than $15,000 from her videos.