Was he on drugs? Man with bloodshot eyes pees on train -- while swaying from side to side

Stomper Jouren was on a MRT train at Bukit Batok heading towards Bukit Gombak at 10:35am today (Dec 12) when he witnessed a man peeing in the cabin.

Jouren noted that the man was staggering when he walked towards his cabin, and had to hold onto the railings as he stumbled along. 

The man then headed to a cabin intersection right infant of Jouren, before unzipping his pants and urinating. 

Said the Stomper in disbelief:

“I think the man is on drugs as his eyes appeared bloodshot and he didn’t reek of alcohol.

“Also, he behaved strangely, like he was gesturing to something imaginary.” 

This comes in light of another case in which a man stripped naked and laid on the floor of a MRT train just the day before.