Want to date Shigga Shay? Here's all you need to know about his love life -- and the kind of girls he likes

The name ‘Shigga Shay’ has become synonymous with Singapore’s rap scene, and for a good reason.

Widely viewed as one of the most dynamic Singapore rappers, 24-year-old Pek Jin Shen, also known as Shigga Shay, has brought the local music scene on the global stage, even performing at the recent White House State Dinner. 

On Day 3 of It's The Ship 2016, we got down and personal for an interview with Shigga Shay himself.

When asked about his most recent trip to Washington D.C for his White House performance, Shigga Shay fondly recounted his initial shock at getting the invitation, and how humbling the entire experience was.

"To be chosen as one of the two Singaporeans to perform there is a privilege," he gushes. 

Infusing his works with colloquial terms such as Kopi-peng and makan, Shigga Shay’s creations are uniquely Singaporean. 

What about his taste in women?

The rapper is single now and admits that finding love in his line of work can be difficult.

Not only does he have to cope with a hectic schedule, he has to interact with other girls on a daily basis, something he feels his soulmate would have to understand. 

That he feels, is the most important point. 

"I don’t have an ideal woman in mind, but my future girlfriend would have to be understanding of my lifestyle and work."

Watch the full interview below.