Volunteers rush to save dog with horrific infection in JB: One S'pore couple even drive across causeway to help

Volunteers who rushed to help a dog with a horrific infection in Malaysia have earned praise from both sides of the causeway.

Stomper Singapore Zai alerted Stomp to the incident, and wished to highlight the lengths these people went to for the dog.

Meishan Ye, a Singaporean, Joanne Tan, Sharon Oh and Shirley Tan rushed to help the dog after it was spotted with a large open wound.

Meishan even rushed across the causeway despite a jam to get to the dog in Johor Bahru.

In a post by ESA Animal Shelter, the organisation detailed that Joanne informed them about the dog.

They subsequently contacted a vet, Dr Pang from the That Animal Centre.

At the clinic, a volunteer from ESA was joined by Meishan, her husband and Joanne.

Joanne was concerned that anesthetic was not being used, but the vet advised that the animal was to weak.

Joanne volunteered to pay for the dog's medical costs, and Meishan chipped in as well.

The dog was left in the clinic's care, and ESA continues to check on the animal's recovery.