Viral photo of TP escorting Lambo riles up S'poreans, until netizens point out that it is Photoshopped

A viral photo of many traffic police officers on motorbikes escorting a single blue Lamborghini sparked heated debate among Singaporeans online recently.

But the debate took a hilarious turn when some netizens pointed out that the photo was a fake, and one of them uploaded what appears to be the original un-edited image.

It is unclear where the image originated from, but Facebook pages and All Singapore Stuff shared the photo. 

The photo sparked furious comments from local netizens, who slammed the police force for wasting resources on a single car.

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However, some netizens soon pointed out that the photo might be fake as the blue Lamborghini looked as if it had been Photoshopped onto the image.

Facebook user Calvin Fish Chan, even uploaded a photo that shows the TP officers overtaking a blue taxi.

Calvin said that this was the original photo, and netizens responded by hilariously posting more photoshopped images showing increasingly outrageous numbers of TP motorcycles around the Lamborghini.