Video of kind Hougang beer lady feeding disabled elderly woman goes viral

A video of a beer lady feeding an old woman food and drink has captured the hearts of netizens in Singapore.

The video was taken by Stomper Lau Lap, 32, when he was at coffee shop at Block 678, Houngang Avenue 8.

He noticed the beer lady, which Lianhe Zaobao has identified as 34-year-old Li Yan, going over to help her elderly customer after serving other patrons.

She painstakingly poured soup into a bowl and scooped up some noodle strands into a spoon before she fed it to the old woman. 

The video also shows Li wiping the elderly lady's mouth with tissue paper in between bites.

Li Yan told Zaobao that the old woman could neither speak nor move her limbs very well. 

"While she can't speak, she always smiles. When she sees me, she will smile."

When asked why she helped the old lady, Li said that seeing the old woman makes her realise that everyone will grow old someday.

Li met the old woman when she worked at a coffee shop in Punggol. 

Although she is now working at Hougang, the old woman and her husband pay her regular visits by taking a taxi.  

She is nicknamed 'Little Sparrow' as her name 'Yan' sounds like 'sparrow' in Mandarin.

Li also buys the elderly woman honey to help with her digestive issues.

"I just hope she smiles everyday," Li said.

Watch the video below from Lianhe Zaobao to find out more about this sweet beer lady.