Update: Stomp finds owner of lost engagement ring after kind netizen who found it posted an alert on Facebook

Stomp has tracked down the owner of an engagement ring that a netizen found.

Yesterday (Jul 21), Netizen Dummy's Gummy found the diamond ring in a Goldheart box and bag and uploaded photos of them on her Facebook page in hopes to track down the owner.

Stomp then ran an article about the lost ring at around 5pm after the netizen's post was published and broadcasted it on our social media accounts.

At 10am today, the owner of the ring contacted us via WhatsApp after seeing the Stomp report.

She said she had made a police report earlier regarding her lost ring. She also sent Stomp the receipt for the ring.

We then reached out to netizen Dummy's Gummy to inform her that we managed to find the owner. 

The netizen provided us with the ring's transaction number and we cross referenced it with the number on the receipt the owner sent. The numbers match.

Stomp will now be arranging a meetup between the owner and the netizen for the ring to be returned.

This is an example of how Stomp helps individuals find their lost valuables. In the past, we have assisted others in locating other prized possessions like a gold chain as well as missing pets. Find out more about how Stomp gets things done here.