Uncle scratches car -- not knowing that he's caught on car cam

Submitted by Stomper E

Stomper E was shocked when he realised a man had scratched his car near Block 460 Segar Road at 11.15pm yesterday (Dec 13).

The Stomper had parked his car near a playground at Segar Road to unload some goods, as the loading and unloading bay was full.

However, a passing cyclist ended up scratching his car, which is only a few months old.

The incident was captured on the in-vehicle camera of the vehicle in front of Stomper E's car.

The Stomper added that the time listed on the clip was inaccurate.

"I have since made a police report, and would need to bring my car to Borneo Motors for repairs as it is new.

"My car now has two long scratch marks, so I urge motorists in this area to be careful of this cyclist."