Uber, Grab and private car drivers, here's proof that you can't wait at taxi stands

Uber and Grab drivers, have you been waiting at taxi stands?

A post on ROADS.sg shows a notice that a private car driver received a warning notice after waiting at a taxi stand.

The post also explained that Uber, Grab and private vehicles are not allowed to pick up or drop off passengers at any time of the day at all designated taxi stands.

They are also not allowed to wait at any taxi stand. 

Doing so would breach rule 24 of the Road Traffic Rules and cause the driver to commit an offense under the Road Traffic Act.

First time offenders would be liable to a maximum fine of up to $1000 and/or a jail term of up to 3 months.

For subsequent offenses, drivers could face up to a $2000 fine and a 6 months jail term.

ROADS is an acronym for Respect Others And Drive Safe. 

Its objective is to showcase good driving habits and highlight the undesirable ones.