Two women fight over seats at getai in Tampines: One tears the other's blouse, and gets scratched in return

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Aug 12, 2016

Spectators at a getai got more than they bargained for when two women started fighting over seats.

The tussle broke out at Tampines Street 32 on Wednesday night, newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported yesterday.

Before the show had begun, a fight over seats broke out between the two women, one of whom is Wang Yu, reportedly known among getai-goers as a "seat hogger".

The other woman, who gave her name as Madam Cai, 65, told Shin Min that she had arrived at about 4pm with her son.

He reportedly saved two seats but was stopped by Ms Wang and they exchanged heated words.

When Madam Cai and her son, 37, went to a nearby foodcourt for dinner, they came across Ms Wang again.

"She started to scold me, saying very unpleasant things, so I slapped her and she started pulling my hair," said Madam Cai.

"I then punched her and she reached out and tore my new blouse, so I retaliated with a scratch to her face."

Staff at the foodcourt said some stallholders tried to stop the fight.

The tussle dragged on for nearly half an hour and the foodcourt manager called the police.

They established that a case of voluntarily causing hurt had occurred and advised both parties on the possible legal recourse.

No further police action was required.

Speaking to Shin Min, Ms Wang admitted she had pulled the other's hair but only because the latter had started the fight.

Later at about 8pm, Ms Wang got into a scuffle with another man, who at one point lifted a chair in his rage.

Bystanders and the getai director stepped in to break up the quarrel.

The man, who gave his name as Mr Liang, 64, said Ms Wang had stopped others from taking seats so he asked her why and she responded with vulgarities.

Wang Lei, the emcee for the event that night, said Ms Wang is a loyal fan of his.

"Wherever I go, she follows, and then puts up a fight. I try my best on stage but offstage they pull such antics, it's not fair to me either," he added.


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