Two sent to SGH after accident involving lorry and taxi along Keppel Road

Submitted by Stomper Jerry

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An accident involving a lorry and a taxi along Keppel Road this morning (Oct 11) resulted in a massive jam and both taxi driver and passenger were taken to Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

Stomper Jerry was passing by Keppel Road when he noticed a huge jam below the viaduct, towards the filter to West Coast highway.

Said Stomper Jerry:

“It was around 9am when I noticed the aftermath of the accident. There was a jam.”

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“I saw an ambulance and a police car,” he added.

In the photo provided by Jerry, Singapore Civil Defence (SCDF) and police officers, a damaged taxi car and an ambulance are seen stationed at the accident scene.

In response to the Stomp report on the incident, a Police spokesperson said:

“The police were alerted to an accident at 8.41am involving a lorry and a taxi along Keppel Road. The driver and the passenger of the taxi were conveyed to SGH. Police investigations are ongoing.”