Two dead after car plunges into Alexandra Canal: Mother and daughter were shopping before accident

The two bodies retrieved after a car plunged into the canal along Delta Avenue are that of a mother and daughter.

They have been identified as Madam Yep Lay Choo, 51, and her daughter, Ms Kimberly Poon, 22.

Stomper David sent photos of the incident that happened at about 9pm last night (Jan 24) via Stomp's WhatsApp.

The Stomper previously reported that it might be a man and a woman, but newer reports indicate that they are mother and daughter instead.

According to Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao, the two women were both long-haired and fair-skinned. One wore a T-shirt with black and white stripes.

According to The Straits Times, the silver Mercedes emerged from the carpark of Valley Point Shopping Centre in River Valley Road at around 9pm. 

It drove straight into the bushes next to Alexandra Canal before hitting the water.

A 33-year-old eye witness said, "I heard a loud bang as the car hit the barrier before it went straight into the canal."

The police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force arrived shortly after, as about 200 people gathered near the canal and the mall to see what was happening.

Stomper Anishar sent in a video of rescue personnel in action, trying to retrieve the bodies from the canal.

Investigations are ongoing.

Madam Yep's husband, Mr Robin Poon, 50, who runs a car repair business, said he did not know what had caused this unfortunate accident.

"I'm just lost," he told The Straits Times.

He was at the morgue on Monday morning with relatives to collect the victims' bodies.

Mr Poon said the family had gone for lunch in the afternoon at an Italian restaurant at Hotel Vagabond in Syed Alwi Road, followed by a foot massage.

They then went their separate ways for dinner as Mr Poon had an appointment.

"That was the last I saw them," he said.

Madam Yep, who worked in human resource, and Ms Poon, a student and their only daughter, went for dinner at Valley Point Shopping Centre. The duo took the family car, a silver Mercedes E250.

Madam Yep's brother, Mr Yep Tai Sai, 54, said CCTV footage from the mall showed the two walking happily in the carpark carrying grocery bags.

"They were smiling and walking, nothing was wrong," said Mr Yep.

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