Visitors annoyed by sight of Botanic Gardens plants engraved with numerous couples names

Submitted by Stomper Park Lover, Alexmurphy

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Two Stompers were annoyed after coming across plants that had been engraved with couples' names at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Stomper Park Lover feels that a tree that has the names of numerous couples engraved on it is an eyesore at the Botanic gardens.

The Stomper was at National Orchid garden yesterday (May 13) morning when he spotted the tree.

Stomper Alexmurphy, who came across multiple cactus plants that had been similary engraved with numerous couples' names, said:

"Stomper Parklover reported on the damaged tree. There are many more similar cases that are unreported."

Said Park Lover:

"It was planted many years ago near the Burkill Hall, and has been used often by married couples and many photos were taken near the hall.

"'However, this tree has been mutilated beyond repair and is now a national eyesore.

"I hope NParks could chop down this old tree and replace it with a rambutan or mango tree.

"Why show this tree to tourists to induce in them a distaste for our Orchid Garden.