Toddler tour guide leads Kiwi dad on high-speed chase around Singapore

Kids can be a handful especially when travelling.

This cute instructional video that was posted on the Love What Matters Facebook page and credited to How To DAD went viral in less than a day. 

So how does one travel Singapore (or any other parts of the world) with a kid? 

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"Basically they (kids) are going to want to run off, so just let them be the tour guide," How to DAD advises.

The video then shows him chasing his kid through some of Singapore's hotspots such as Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Zoo, Haji Lane, Sentosa, and more.

Not only does the video depict what parents often go through while traveling with their restless and playful kids, but it was also a cute and creative way to promote Singapore's tourism spots.

One netizen even said, "Kudos! You've covered (or your baby has covered) quite a few iconic tourist attractions in Singapore. You should be (or your baby should be) an ambassador for our Tourism Board!"

We think the baby would make a super cute ambassador for the Singapore Tourism Board.