This is what happens when you deliberately speed up to prevent fellow motorist from overtaking

It does not pay to be selfish on the road. A driver apparently decided to speed up after seeing another driver signalling to switch lanes. 

The video is uploaded on Facebook page and credited to Desmond.

In the video, the driver of a white Subaru gave a signal to change lanes, but the driver of a black Peugeot on the left sped up in a possible attempt to prevent the white Subaru driver from overtaking.

No prize for guessing what happened next.

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While the driver of the black Peugeot car was caught up in catching up with the white Subaru car, it came too close for comfort with the curb and eventually ended up hitting it.

The video on Facebook was uploaded on Sep 20, and since then, there has been a heated debate on who was actually at fault.

And so the question of the day is: Who is right and who is wrong?