This cool bed can save your life during an earthquake

A bed with built-in sensors, emergency supplies and a hidden chamber has been made to protect people in the event of an earthquake.

Made by Dahir Semenov, it comes in different designs but the way of exit from the chamber has not been disclosed. 

A video showing how the 'earthquake bed' works was posted on Unilad's Facebook page, where it has garnered over 5.3 million views.

As cool as the invention sounds, some netizens have pointed out that there is also the possibility of the bed's dangers.

 One user pointed out:

"If you impulsively sit up right when the earthquake starts, the bed decapitates or cuts you in half.

"If you have your limbs out at the wrong places, you lose them.

"If you live in a tall building and it collapses, the force of impact turns your insides into jelly.

"If the thing gets buried, falls into water, or get surrounded by fired, it basically becomes an expensive coffin."

Watch the video below.

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