Think what your grandfather road ah? This e-scooter rider has got to be the most champion one yet

Submitted by Stomper Ron

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Stomper Ron was driving on Saturday (Dec 3)  at around 5.40pm when he noticed the most reckless e-scooter rider.

As seen from the video, the Stomper was waiting at a traffic junction when the following incident took place.

Impatient to wait for the pedestrian crossing signal to turn green, the rider decided to be "smart" and cut across the road, nearly coming into contact with a motorcycle which was turning in his direction at that time.

And this guy can still coolly continue riding on the of the middle of the first lane of the main road -- swerving left and right recklessly -- oblivious to the oncoming traffic behind him as well as the red light he just ran.

E-scooters are not allowed on roads, only footpaths and pavements -- and this guy evidently ignored that. And whether or not you are aware, it is still common sense 

We are glad that an accident did not take place, but this guy really needs to be taken off the roads.