SCDF personnel rescue man standing on ledge after blaze engulfs flat in Bedok Reservoir Rd

Submitted by Stomper Eileen, Saharuden

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SCDF personnel rescued a man who was standing on a ledge to escape from the flames that had engulfed the flat he was in at Bedok Reservoir Road at 5pm today (Feb 20).

SDCF had been alerted to the fire at Block 138 at 5pm, and responded with one fire engine, two red rhinos, two fire bikes, two support vehicles and two ambulances.

Stompers Eileen and Saharuden had alerted Stomp to the fire after they saw a thick column of smoke coming from a flat in Bedok Reservoir Road at about 5pm today (Feb 20).

Saharuden sent two videos of the incident to Stomp. The first clip showed passers-by urging the man to stay put on the ledge till help arrived.

The second clip showed SCDF personnel propping a ladder and he 

The Stomper initially wondered if fogging was being carried out as the area looked to be covered in smoke.

She then realised that the smoke was coming out of a fourth-storey flat at a block there.

"I saw SCDF and police vehicles at the scene," added Eileen.

In a statement posted on SCDF's Facebook page, the organisation said:

"When firefighters arrived, they saw a man standing on the ledge outside a bedroom on the fourth storey as black smoke billowed out from the window.

"Firefighters quickly pitched a ladder and rescued him from the ledge.

"The man was conveyed to Changi General Hospital for burn injuries.

"Six occupants from neighbouring units were also evacuated to safety by SCDF.

"Firefighters had to force their way into the locked unit and extinguish the blaze with two water jets.

"The cause of the fire which gutted the entire unit is currently under investigation."