Thick column of smoke and fire engines were part of joint exercise between SCDF, police and Woodlands Industrial Park E staff

Submitted by Stomper Ariifin

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Update at 3pm: The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has clarified that the thick column of smoke and multiple fire engines seen at Woodlands Industrial Park E were part of a joint exercise held there this morning (Sep 11).

An SCDF spokesperson said that the SCDF, together with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and members of Woodlands Industrial Park E conducted the joint exercise this morning at 10am.

The statement came in response to Stomper Ariffin's report on the incident, in which he stated that he had seen a thick cloud of smoke and fire engines at th elocation this morning.

Original report:
Stomper Ariffin saw a thick cloud of smoke engulfing a building at Woodlands Industrial Park at 10.27am today (Sep 11).

Photos the Stomper sent to us show multiple fire engines at the location.

A large crowd in similar uniforms can be seen looking at the scene from a short distance away.

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"The building is located at E9 Woodlands Industrial Park," said the Stomper.