These parking lots are meant for Lompang Rd resident to air laundry, not for your cars apparently

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A Stomper was shocked to see that an inconsiderate resident had chosen to hang their laundry on the top floor of the multi-storey carpark at Block 177A Lompang Road yesterday (Mar 15).

In the photos that the Stomper sent to Stomp, a laundry rack can be clearly seen on the top floor of a multi-storey carpark.

The laundry rack is full of clothes. In one of the photos, two pairs of shoes can also be seen nearby.

According to the Stomper, the laundry rack was sighted at the Blk 177A multi-storey carpark.

She also saw in a separate incident that clothes had also been hung on the carpark railings, near to Blk 179.

The Stomper said:

“I’m very concerned as the wind around this area is very strong, and some of the clothes that they hung out to dry don’t seem to be securely attached to anything.

“What if the wind blows and the undergarments fly onto one of the parked cars?

“It’s very inconsiderate.

"Imagine if you were one of the unfortunate drivers.”

The Stomper told Stomp that she had only taken note of the laundry racks recently.

She has called the carpark management office to inform them, and said that the carpark management office told her that they would inform the town council.