These methods of eating food are about as uniquely Singaporean as you will get

We might get the same food such as meat, seafood and vegetables despite being in different parts of the globe, but that does not mean people eat them in the same way.

For instance, chilli crab is a unique delicacy that is iconic to our Lion City. However, those in American and European countries might find that a strange combination.

Let's not forgot the backlash that Buzzfeed faced after naming our popular ice cream sandwiches seventh place in a listicle titled, '21 Of The Absolute Worst Sandwiches That Have Ever Happened'.

They later apologised and replaced the item, after a flurry of angry comments -- from both locals and foreigners alike -- about how the $1 ice cream sandwich is part of Singapore's culture.

Check out more uniquely Singaporean ways of eating certain foods in the gallery compiled by ConnexionSG.