Thank you gracious SMRT taxi drivers, for giving way to driver in city traffic

It was a heartwarming sight for driver Mr Lee, who came across two SMRT taxi drivers who literally drove the message home by showing road courtesy in the midst of busy city traffic.

Touched by the taxi drivers’ kind gestures, Mr Lee took to Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road’s Facebook page to pen down his gratitude.

Said Mr Lee:

"I encountered two taxi giving way to me in city traffic. So taken back that I almost forgot to give them a raised hand of thanks until a few seconds later. And the guy standing out there has no idea what was going on. Thank you very much SHB1346R and SHB1813J."

In the Facebook video provided by Mr Lee, the two SMRT cab drivers are seen slowing down and eventually stopping to give way to Mr Lee’s car as he made a left turn out to the next lane.

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To thank the taxi drivers, Mr Lee then waved to them as shown in the video clip below.

Kudos to these two SMRT taxi drivers!

With the usual reckless driving and speeding incidents, it is undeniably nice to see more considerate drivers practicing road courtesy for a change.