Teacher hurls vulgarities at student who yells at her in classroom

Update on March 7:

The relief teacher who was caught on camera hurling vulgarities at a student is no longer employed by the secondary school in Yishun.

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Original article:

Videos have been circulating online of a teacher hurling vulgarities at a student in her class.

In the videos, which appear to have been taken on Snapchat, a teacher is seen yelling at a girl in a classroom.

The caption on the first video says “what cb u no cb” and the teacher can be heard shouting vulgarities at the student, which Stomp has censored.

The moment she scolds the vulgarities, the girl shouts at her while the rest of the students in the class appear to be amused and laugh loudly.

In the second video, the teacher is seen gesturing aggressively and shouting “Look at you” repeatedly. It appears that she was scolding the same girl. However, the other students seem unfazed by her.

The full clip, uploaded by YouTube user Popo AsphyxiatesPanda, shows a text conversation between the girl who was being scolded, and the YouTube user.

According to the text conversation, school staff told her to ask that the YouTube user not post the video online, to avoid drawing attention to the incident.