Taxi explodes at Commonwealth Ave: Shocking video shows second blast as SCDF tries to put out fire

Submitted by Stomper Nicholas, Et, Ivan

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A taxi caught fire at around 2.15pm today (Apr 30) and a video from Stomper Nicholas shows the moment the vehicle exploded, with a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) member standing nearby.

Several Stompers had alerted Stomp to the incident that occurred at Commonwealth Avenue, near Buona Vista MRT station, which left four people injured.

Photos sent in previously show the charred taxi with its entire rear missing and firefighters at the scene, though the blaze itself appeared to have been already extinguished.

Stomper Nicholas has shared with Stomp a shocking clip that was filmed when the vehicle was still on fire, before it blew up moments later.

A firefighter was near the vehicle during the explosion and debris can be seen flying away in the impact, while onlookers gasped in horror.

Stompers ET and Ivan also sent Stomp videos of the impact from another angle.

According to a statement on SCDF's Facebook page, four people including a firefighter sustained minor injuries and were sent to the National University Hospital (NUH).

It said, "Preliminary investigations by the SCDF and the Police revealed the likely cause of the explosion was due to the road traffic accident. The investigations by SCDF, Police and LTA are ongoing."