Stomper sees 'scariest statue in S'pore' on Carousell -- that apparently has hair of dead woman

Submitted by Stomper Lau Lup

If you are a Carousell user, you'll probably come across some unusual items occasionally.

That's exactly what happened to Stomper Lau Lap.

He saw a figurine called 'Thai pregnant lady ghost' on the online marketplace.

The figurine is black in colour and resembled a woman kneeling down.

According to a description of the item, the figure is made from 'soil taken from nine graveyards and other ingredients that are too extreme to reveal'. It also stated that the hair on the figure is the hair of a dead woman.

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Said the Stomper with regard to what he saw:

"I have found the scariest statue in Singapore. 

"It is not for sale.

"The owner also shared the story behind the figurine."

See photos of the 'Thai pregnant lady ghost' and find out more about its backstory in the gallery above.

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