Stomper loses phone at Queen St -- then receives picture of guy who tried to unlock it

Submitted by Stomper Zack

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Stomper Zack lost his Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone on Sep 15, around 10am at Block 269 Queen Street Cheng Yan Court.

Stomper was having breakfast at the coffee shop under the block alone. 

The Stomper then placed his phone on a table, and walked to a stall to place his order.

When he returned to his seat, his phone was nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately for the person, Zack had a security feature on his phone which allowed him to take a photo of the person attempting to unlock his phone.

The photo was then sent to Zack via his e-mail. 

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Zack proceeded to make a police report.

He said, "At first, I went to the coffee shop to find the guy and find my phone but I was unsuccessful. 

"I did not want to make it a big deal but there are work-related contents that are in my phone which I really need.

"I do not mind offering a reward to the person who has my phone."