Stomper horrified to find faeces on his car parked near Block 59A in Geylang Bahru

Submitted by Stomper Unlucky Driver

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Stomper Unlucky Driver was horrified after he saw what he suspected was human faeces on his car that was parked near Block 59C in Geylang Bahru yesterday (Dec 23) at 11.20am.

Photos the Stomper sent show a chunk of poop on the windscreen of his car.

Several brown streaks can also be seen, suggesting that smaller chunks could have landed on the vehicle before they fell to the ground.

Said the Stomper with regard to what he saw:

"I think someone threw it from level 10 of the HDB block.

"Residents around the area said that this has happened before.

"A kind town council cleaner helped me clear the faeces. 

"I have reported what happened to the Town Council, National Environment Agency (NEA) and Police."