Stomper heartbroken by sight of caged and chained monkeys at cable-ski park in Batam

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Stomper Ana was horrified to see monkeys chained and caged at a cable-ski park in Batam two weekends ago (June 11 and 12).

Ana had previously visited the Batam Cable-Ski Park and seen the monkeys in November but was shocked when they were still there in the same condition during her recent visit.

"I found it horrendous," said the Stomper.

She saw that the monkeys were tethered to one-metre-long chains and leashes, and kept in a small uncovered cage that was littered with rubbish.

She added: "Without shelter, the monkeys are exposed to the rain and harsh sun as well."

Feeling that something should be done, Ana went to see the Singaporean owner of the park, Mr Long Hatta in his office.

She said:

"I told him that the monkeys were living in horrible conditions and that it's not right.

"He told me that they own the monkeys and have the right to do what they want and that it was better than them getting killed in the wild.

"I then asked him if he would rather be caged for the rest of his life or experience one day of freedom.

"He then got uncomfortable and politely asked me to leave his office and said he would look into it.

"I believe he didn't have any intention of doing so and just wanted me to leave."

Ana is now working on getting the word out there regarding the mistreatment of the monkeys and has posted photos of them on her Facebook page.

Apart from talking to Stomp, she has also written about the monkeys on the park's Facebook and TripAdvisor pages.

She has alerted animal rights organisation, PETA to the monkeys' plight and is awaiting a response.

Ana said:

"I have already collected several responses seeking to free the monkeys and to seek better conditions for them.

"I hope something can be done about this."