Stomper appalled by heaps of rubbish seen on beach at East Coast Park

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Stomper Faith was shocked at the sight that greeted her when she took a walk at her favourite beach at East Coast Park yesterday (July 9).

Faith told Stomp that she enjoys going to the beach to take a break away from the rat race during the week and to just be near nature but this time she was greeted by heaps of rubbish that had accumulated along the shore.

Said the Stomper:

"It was a disapointing and disgusting sight!

"And to top it off, there were tourists around, and they were also commenting how dirty it was."

Faith took photos of the eyesore near the food centre where the lagoon is situated and commented that some construction was happening at the bridge towards the seafood area as well. 

She added:

"I'm hoping to get attention on this so the park can help clear the mess up soon.

"But more importantly, this is to appeal to everyone to do their part to be more civic-minded and treat the area outside our 4 walls as part of our property as well.

"There are many bins around, so please do your part to dump your rubbish in them!

"Your "convenience" is someone's inconvenience.

"Destroying our environment just because you are lazy to walk to the bin is selfish!

"I remembered a story published on our late LKY and how he would detest such a sight.

"Standing there, I imagined what he would say if he stood next to me. *Upset* Appalled * He would yank out his briefcase and put a note to his secretary for action the next day.

"Question is... are we going to be oblivious onlookers who can't be bothered with things not going right around us?

"Self check and do your part."

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