Stomp Team and Stompers try out Pokemon Go -- and none of us can stop

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard about Pokemon Go and how it became available for download in Singapore today (Aug 6).

Stomp sent out a request via WhatsApp for users to share their own experiences with the game earlier. Check out their results by browsing the gallery.

Stomper Junhao also said, "Never have I ever walked so much in my life."

According to Stomper Ranjith, "When you make a new Pokemon Go account, they first give you 3 basic Pokemon to catch. Walk away 5 times and Pikachu will appear."

Try this and let us know  if it works! Share more tips and more photos by writing in to or WhatsApping 9384 3761.

In addition, the Stomp Team tried out the game for themselves too, because how could we not? Here are 31 thoughts one of our journalists had while playing Pokemon Go.

1. Omg SO cute, I just caught a Bulbasaur at home

2. *shows off to my friends not knowing it's a tutorial that everyone goes through*

3. Ok let's go downstairs but how does this map work

4. Do I go left, right, up, down???? Okay just keep walking

5. Help how do I know where the Pokemon is 

6. Let's head to the nearest PokeStop first... but where is this mural???

7. Oh here it is... how do I walk past it every single day but not recognise it

8. How is it that I do not recognise any of these Yishun landmarks from their pictures?

9. Where to next? Okay I'm gonna follow these boys. Boys know their Pokemon shit.

Went to another PokeStop, a playground, to collect Pokeballs.

10. "Hello, do you know where I can find Pokemon?"

11. I am such a noob lol I think they are secretly laughing at me

12. Omg it's so hot and is it okay if I go back without having caught any Pokemon

13. Everyone has their phones out lol everyone is playing Pokemon Go



16. Woooo level up!

17. Omg help I can't catch this Pinsir and I've wasted so many Pokeballs

18. Hahahahaa gotcha!!!!

19. Ok all these aunties and uncles are SO judging me

20. But everyone else is playing it too!!!

21. Oh finally, I know where all these landmarks and Pokestops are

22. Can I add 'playing Pokemon Go' into my resume?

23. Squirtle is so cute and yay I caught a Squirtle!

24. Wait, it can break free??!?!? Hahahaha caught it back

25. Crap, why is this Pokemon directly on this guy?

26. I look ridiculous and he's going to think I'm taking a photo of him to post on Stomp

27. "Sorry, playing Pokemon." "I know." Wow I like this guy already

28. Okay I should head back otherwise I'll never stop OH WAIT ANOTHER POKEMON

29. Wow I caught it in one go, I'm an expert at this already!

30. Let's just walk past the same PokeStops again to collect more Pokeballs

31. Haha I love Yishun

Result: 8 Pokemon in 50 minutes

I already know how I'm going to spend my off day tomorrow.

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