Stealthy kelong from JB tries to 'illegally' enter S'pore through Sembawang Park

Visitors at Sembawang Park were treated to a rare sight on Tuesday (Mar 21) at about 6pm.

A aluminium shed from a Malaysia Kelong had floated for about two kilometres from the shores of Johor Bahru to Singapore waters, before finally arriving at the shorelines of Sembawang Park, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

One of the visitor, a 56-year-old driver, told reporters that he was fishing when he saw the ‘unwelcomed guest’ coming in from a distance, about a 100 metres away. 

It even turned before finally stopping at the shoreline, with a patrol vessel following behind. 

He revealed that someone also tied the structure with a rope to prevent it from drifting away.

Reporters estimated the structure to be about 8 metres long, 5 meters wide and 3 meters tall, about the size of a two-room apartment in Singapore. 

Another visitor, a 42-year-old stall assistant said that there were police officers on the scene, and two of them had peered into he shed via a crack in the wall:

“There were three officers.

“They left in about 15 minutes. “

He also added that he thought that there were stowaways in the structure who attempted to enter Singapore illegally, but was surprised that it was empty.

It was also the first time that he had witnessed such an event, despite visiting the park two to three times every week. 

Shin Min Daily News understands that the kelong shed was from Malaysia, but for reasons unknown, had broken loose and floated about 2 kilometres before reaching the shorelines of Sembawang Park. 

The structure also contains a bed frame, a stove, utensils, clothing and even canned goods, leading to speculations that it had been inhabited before suddenly getting dislodged. 

Reporters who entered the premises yesterday morning found the inside messy and cluttered. 

There were also fishing equipment, and the floorboard was lined with mussels.  

Watch a video of the story below.