S'porean elderly janitor dies after falling from 6th storey: He allegedly forgot keys and tried to enter flat via window

A 62-year-old elderly janitor plunged six storeys to his death after allegedly forgetting his keys, and attempting to enter his rental flat at Holland Close via a window last Saturday (Mar 11) noon. 

The man had reportedly perched on the ledge of the 6th-storey one-room unit and lost his footing, reports Lianhe Wanbao

The deceased’s 64-year-old brother was at the  morgue to identify the body and told reporters that he is unclear whether the victim had forgotten his keys or lost them somewhere.

All he knew was that his younger brother could not enter his flat via the door, which led to his dangerous attempt:

“A foreign worker who was there at the scene saw my brother get onto the ledge along the corridor and tried to stop him by shouting at him.

“However,he did not stop in time and the worker watched as he fell.”

A spokesperson from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) confirmed the incident and told reporters that they had received a report on Saturday at 1.53pm.

Officers were dispatched and when they arrived at the scene, they found the 62-year-old man lying at the foot of the block. 

Paramedics on the scene pronounced the victim dead.

The incident has been classified as a case of unnatural death.