'S'pore women complain they can't find Prince Charming, yet don't want to do housework,' says girl

A Singaporean girl's post about finding marriage ideals has raised heated debate among netizens.

Facebook post by Kiara Kitty on Sep 18 states:

"In Singapore, women always complain they can't find their 'prince charming' who must be rich and good-looking etc but yet they said in this generation women should not do housework, cook or help out etc.."

The gamer/ freelance model felt that "nothing is free" in this world and that women have to ask themselves "what [they] got to offer" to that man. 

"Looks and body will eventually fade in time so you must help him in other ways... be an asset instead of a liability," she adds.

Her post naturally garnered divided opinions, which led her to defend her views in another post on Sep 24.

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She addressed ladies who were unhappy with her previous post, saying that those who wish for the 'perfect', 'rich and handsome' guy must do their part. 

"My post intention was to let them be aware that if you wish so much, you would have to know you must HELP OUT with housework and cooking SOMETIMES," she said.

"Why you should help out? because that is a very small token a woman can do for her man even if it is not daily but once in awhile, the man will appreciates small actions like that."

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