S'pore guy asks friend to be his GF with Chinese Zodiac signs -- but still gets rejected

According to SGAG's Facebook post, this guy tried to up his chances of success by adding a tinge of creativity in asking his friend to be his girlfriend.

We have to admit, incorporating Chinese Zodiac sign puns into his confession is something we rarely see. 

The Zodiac signs are as follows: Rat 鼠 (shu) , Ox 牛 (niu), Tiger 虎 (hu), Rabbit 兔 (tu), Dragon 龙 (long), Snake 蛇 (she), Horse 马 (ma), Goat 羊 (yang), Monkey 猴 (hou), Rooster 鸡 (ji), Dog 狗 (gou), Pig 猪 (zhu). 

He said, "You are really "shu"per "shu"per pretty. Since I "niu"you, u are always on my mind. "Hu"ever gets you as your gf is really damn lucky. N guess what, I really want "tu" be ur special one, and I promise to take care of you "long" time. You want "she"-mer I also will give. Say you'll be "ma" girl and let me sa"yang" you forever. "Hou" my god when I "ji" your face, I never want to close my eyes. Please "gou" out with me. Be my "Ju"liet." 

However, he was met with rejection as his witty friend replies using the very same puns as well. She replied, "Awwww Junjie.. this is "shu"per nice!!! Never "niu" that you can be sweet, "hu" help you one?? hahaha But "tu" be really honest, we've been really good friends for a "long" time, and this is super "she"prising!? You know you are not "ma" type right hahah.. I prefer "yang"ger and cuter guys whom can make my heart go bedok bedok when I "hou" their hands. Not someone like you whom I "ji" more as a gor... But but u how charming n zai! U confirm can find another girl to "gou" out with and eventually be your "Ju"liet!!!"

Oh well, we wish him all the best in finding his future Juliet!