Spooky black figure seen at Old Changi Hospital

Submitted by Stomper Chuan Yeow

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Chuan Yeow was cycling alone towards Netheravon Road and happened to pass by Old Changi Hospital yesterday (Jan 15) at around 3pm.

As it was his first time near Old Changi Hospital, he took a video of the abandoned hospital from outside the gate.

Later, when he rewatched the video, he realized that a shadowy figure had appeared in one of the windows of the hospital – and mysteriously disappeared after he turned the camera away.

Chuan Yeow told Stomp:

“I’m not really a ghost believer, so I was kind of amazed when I saw the figure in the video, to be honest.”

Watch the spooky video below.

The spooky figure can be seen in the window at the start of the video, but at the end of the video when the Stomper pans the camera back to the hospital, it is gone.