Sorry, your 'new parking coupons out of stock' excuse is invalid: Driver gets fined despite leaving explanatory note for 'saman auntie'

New parking coupons out of stock? Sorry, but not sorry, you still have to pay a fine. 

According to Facebook post, a driver decided to write a seemingly cute note to the parking warden, explaining about his plight of running out of new parking coupons.

The driver then placed the note on his windshield. 

The note reads: 

"New coupon no stock. I eat finish then go another station to buy. Thanks! Cheers M8! :)" 

Despite the smiley sign, and the friendly words, the parking enforcement officer just could not care less about the driver's sob story, and savagely replied him with a parking ticket.

To add salt to the wound, netizens on Facebook are as apathetic, or even more than the parking warden.

Said Facebook user Lee Ren Hau:

"Even if you did not manage to get a new (parking coupon), the least you could have done was to display an old ticket. It would have been more reasonable."