Some are saying teachers should cover up more and not be allowed to wear skirts: Teacher blogger disagrees

Seven boys were found to have taken upskirt photos and videos with their smartphones and have been punished for their actions but some netizens are blaming the teachers for dressing inappropriately.

Teacher blogger, Singaporean Teacher tweeted, "Students take upskirt photos of teachers yet these stupid Singaporeans said the teachers should have dressed appropriately."

The statement was followed by an angry emoji and screenshots highlighting an article on how the teachers forgave the boys who had taken lewd pictures of them.

However, netizens commented on how teachers should dress more decently and should have dress codes.

Singaporean Teacher then wrote:

"For your info, teachers in Singapore do have a dress code to follow. I have known of teachers who were sent home for breaking it."

Joellephant put together a 'Singaporean Teacher Starter Pack' to address the notion that teachers do not dress appropriately.

Check out the gallery above for the tweets and reactions.