Socialite Kim Lim slams haters for accusing her of betraying Valencia CF -- just because she watched Man U match

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According to Stomper Josephine, celebrity socialite Kim Lim, daughter of billionaire tycoon Peter Lim, slammed haters on Saturday night (Nov 19) after she was accused of "betraying" her own team, Valencia CF, which her father had bought in 2014. 

Stomper Josephine alerted Stomp to the saga.

On Saturday (Nov 19), Kim and her friends attended a Manchester United football match but gained a lot of criticism and personal attacks from her followers for not supporting her team. 

After a tremendous amount of criticism, Kim fired back on her Instagram account yesterday (Nov 20). 

She said that some of the Valencia CF fans "can be quite crazy and stupid to think they can control or have any say over my actions" and she had "already said I am coming to Valencia to support during my Euro trip". 

Furthermore, she clarified that her family was supporting their club and that "not posting doesn't mean we are not supporting". 

To end off, she asked the haters to "deal with it and move on".