So Shiok! I found restaurant quality pasta at simple stall in Food Inn Cafeteria at Revenue House

Submitted by Stomper James

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper James was at the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore's office at Revenue House on Jan 16.

While waiting for his queue number to be called up, he decided to have his lunch at the newly opened Food Inn Cafeteria in the building.

When he entered the cafeteria, the first stall to catch his eye was Shiok! a gourmet street food stall located right in the middle of the food area.

There were several variations of pastas as well as tacos and wraps.

He ordered the curry leaf pesto pasta and a wrap that cost about $5.50 each.

Said James:

"The curry leaf pesto pasta was out of the ordinary and I had to try it.

"I have eaten at many dine-ins and this was one of the best pastas I have actually had.

"What's more interesting was that all of it was done by these two boys who told me they were trained by Michelin Star Chefs. A definite 10/10 for tasty food and value for money."