Toddler almost falls into lift shaft with no warning sign in sight at Blk 886A Tampines Street 83

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Stomper Anonymous was bringing his five-year-old daughter to his mother's place at Block 886A Tampines Street 83 today (Dec 21) at 2pm when the toddler nearly fell into a lift shaft. 

Said the enraged Stomper:

"As usual, my daughter ran towards the lift to press the button.

"However, as she was running towards the lift, I saw the lift door was slightly opened.

"The lift shaft was big enough for a toddler to fall through the gap.

"I stopped her from running because I was afraid that she, out of curiousity, would peep or look through the gap." 

The Stomper then added that when he got closer to take a look, he saw a worker cleaning the lift shaft with a broom.

"This is a very serious lapse of safety. No warning sign, supervisor or standby person and barricade at all. Any curious toddler may fall through the gap," he added.